Japanese Quality

Quality reflects and condenses everything that a company thinks with regards to manufacturing.
KEW continues a host of efforts intended to deliver, within restricted conditions, manufacturing at its best and keep defects from leaving the factory.

What makes power equipment reliable? The power equipment that drives many production sites is used continuously for decades at a time. Quite often, while that equipment is running properly and supplying power stably, people can forget that it even exists. Quietly and motionlessly, this equipment transforms a steadily incoming high voltage supply into practical and easy-to-use power and distributes it to equipment here and there.

The two prime factors we concern ourselves with most in making power equipment are the kind of reliability that ensures continued stable use for a long, long time and the certainty of preventing accidents in the event of unexpected surprises.
This kind of reliability and certainty are not givens. They come only with extensive experience and know-how, and regular product maintenance over the long-haul. KEW products are fully compliant with IEC and EN standards, which are considered amongst the strictest regulatory requirements in the world, largely because we apply the know-how acquired in manufacturing power equipment to the stabilizers, power-saving equipment and order-made products we make.

It should equally be noted that manufacturing is never completely mistake-free. That is why we test products against a host of internal standards that are designed to identify and keep errors from leaving the factory.

At KEW, we are very confident that the products we make will demonstrate the reliability and certainty that will ensure safe, long-lasting use.
That is what underscores the "Japanese Quality" we guarantee at KEW.

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