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Dry Type Transformers



A large portion of the transformers made by Kawahara Electric Works are made to order based on customer-required specifications.
Our dry type transformers are of a simple structure, but given the wide performance range demanded of them, we are keenly devoted to technological improvements so that each transformer is a perfect match for the customer’s objective. Backed by an extensive track record, Kawahara Electric Works meets any and every customer demand with the concerted effort of the entire company.


3-phase dry type transformers Enclosed outdoor type Enclosed outdoor type 3-phase dry type transformers Phases
Cooling system Dry self-cooled
Insulation class H
International Protection IP21
Enclosed indoor type Enclosed indoor type 3-phase dry type transformers Primary voltage Selectable up to 5 taps
Secondary voltage Please specify
Frequency 50/60Hz
Other Equipped with shortproof plate
Special order transformers Transformer with break detection Transformer with break detection These are but a few examples of the transformers we make for electric furnaces.
We make many other transformers of various types and configurations.
Tap changing transformer cabinet Tap changing transformer cabinet
19-transformer cabinet 19-transformer cabinet