Company Information


In 2016, we have been in business for 43years.
I took over for running KEW (Kawahara Electric Works.,ltd).
Our surroundings have drastically changed for few decades.
We should try new technology and keep up some good traditional solutions for the future.

Thank you for the continued patronage.

Best regards

Hiroko Kawahara President

Company Profile

Name Kawahara Electric Works, Ltd. Photo
Date of founding January 1973
Address 1000-86 Enmyo-chou, Kashiwara-shi, Osaka-fu, 582-0027, Japan
Representative Hiroko Kawahara, President
Employees 22
Capital 10.80 million JPY
Telephone +81-72-977-7090
FAX +81-72-977-8012

1) Standard and customized dry type transformers

  • EN-compliant transformers
  • IEC-compliant transformers
  • RL load equipment
  • Power supply unit for electric power conditioner
  • Power supply unit for inspections
  • Choke coil
  • Reactor

2) Stabilizers for marine fish-luring light

  • For onboard metal halide lamp (1~4 kW)
  • For submergible metal halide lamp (2~10 KW)
  • Dimming system for metal halide lamp

3) The maintenance for KEW saver and inverter system (EOL).

4) The distribution board for LED flood light (On-vehicle movable type)

On-vehicle movable type

5) Overhaul and repair for the electrical dry transformers

ISO certificate registration number JQA-QMA12842
TÜV type-approval registration 081-00-1296-0711